Process air technology and heat recovery – for the paper industry 

Prozesslufttechnik und Wärmerückgewinnung für die Papierherstellung
Wärmerückgewinnungsystem aus der Papierindustrie
Prozesslufttechnik Hallenlufttechnik für die Papierindustrie
Dachaufbau Wärmerückgewinnungssystem
Prozessluft in der Papierindustrie

Process air & heat recovery

Heat recovery

Heat recovery system

Heat recovery

Process air

Favors are returned: energy efficiency in the dryer section

Machine air supply systems for the dryer section with the associated pocket and machine ventilation systems constitute key systems for the drying process. The dry, hot air absorbs the water from the drying process and removes it via the hood along with the machine exhaust air. The optimum interaction between the supply air, exhaust air and the hood enables the downstream heat recovery stages to make optimum use of the energy from the drying process. In this context, a large part of the energy is fed back into the drying process. Remaining residual energy is used to heat the production hall air systems and is fed into the various process water circuits.

Only the correct design of the entire system, customized to paper production and operated with intelligent control strategies such as dew point control and EnergyOpt Paper, and according to the water evaporation of the respective paper grade and the production capacity, enables the most energy-efficient and at the same time safe operation of your paper machine.

As a plant constructor with engineering expertise, we choose each part of the system accordingly in terms of design and material. The arrangement of the components is adapted to your precise requirements. In this way, we ensure good accessibility, operational safety and durability.

airinotec - Creating Air Solutions - Klima- und Prozesslufttechnik
This is how you reduce the energy costs in your paper production system.
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