Creating Air Solutions – innovative air conditioning and process air technology

As a plant manufacturer with engineering expertise, we help companies all over the world to improve their industrial production through innovative ventilation and air conditioning solutions. That’s how we create products of the best quality for our customers.

Klima- und Prozesslufttechnik für Nahrungsmittel. Papier- und Zellstoff- sowie Textilindustrie
Hallenlufttechnik auf dem Dach einer Papierproduktion mit effektiv verringerten Schallemissionen
Hygiene-Klimatechnik in der Abfüllung von Flaschen
Kühltunnel in der Variante AccuCool ohne Paletten
Wärmerückgewinnungsystem aus der Papierindustrie

Air conditioning technology

Production hall exhaust air

Hygiene climate solutions

Cooling tunnels

Heat recovery

Innovation and industry know-how – the cornerstones of our success for your industrial production

Our curiosity is the soil in which innovation thrives. Curiosity is what drives us, and the resulting innovations bring our customers forward. That means: constantly developing and redesigning systems within our target industries to deliver processes customized to customer processes and to provide our customers with the most reliable and efficient solution.

Our employees can achieve this: because they have the industry know-how and the spirit of innovation. Whether it is optimizing an existing system or planning a new plant with foresight – we provide international industry with customized and energy-efficient systems for flawless air conditioning and ventilation of production processes and for the efficient cooling or drying of products.

Klimatisierung für Käsereifelager
Keimarmes Klima für Molkereiprodukte - optimale Hygienebedingungen für qualitativ hochwertige Endprodukte
Hygienetechnik in einer Abfüllung für Mineralwasser
Tofu auf dem Transportwagen in einer Schnellkühlkammer von airinotec
Klima- und Hygienetechnik für sonstige Industrien - Wir sorgen für optimal temperierte Produkte - Schokoladenproduktion - Experten für die Nahrungsmittelindustrie

Cheese dairies


Beverage industry

Vegan food

Various food

airinotec air conditioning technology for the food industry

If your customers are satisfied and your product has turned out well, it means that everything worked out with the air conditioning. Whether it is the production dairy products, cheese, beverages, vegan food or confectionery and convenience foods – with the industrial air conditioning and cooling systems that are developed by us, we ensure the quality of your products in a flawless production climate and pathogen-free environment. We cool your products according to your requirements, achieve a high-precision maturing climate, or enable an energy-efficient, climate-controlled storage. Our innovative technologies allow you to achieve rapid success.

about the food industry

Papiermaschine für die Herstellung von Papier und Kartonage
Luftansicht einer Zellstoffproduktion

Paper and board production

Pulp production

airinotec air conditioning technology for the pulp and paper industry

Energy costs are a major challenge for the paper industry, and not just “on paper”, but in real terms. This is why sophisticated overall concepts, innovative ideas and – above all else – in-depth knowledge of the industry are needed. With our intelligent systems, we have achieved major savings for large international customers. In this context, the dryer section is our most important starting point. We will show you what we’ve designed in a moment.

about the industry

Prozesslufttechnik für die Textilindustrie
Industrieanlage aus der Chemischen Industrie
Klimatechnik und Klimatisierung hygroskopische Produkte für die Tabakindustrie

Textiles and man-made fibers

Chemical industry

Tobacco industry

airinotec air conditioning solutions for further industries

Many of the solutions that our engineers have developed can also be transferred to other industries, such as textiles, chemicals or tobacco. Whether it is air-conditioning systems for areas of production or functional rooms or extraction solutions for exhaust air flows that contain hazardous substances – our high level of expertise and innovative spirit in process and plant engineering forms the basis for energy-efficient and optimized concepts in almost all industries.

Other industries

Our process air technology and air conditioning solutions for energy-saving and high-performance industrial processes

To ensure that you receive the truly best solution for your production plant, our solutions can only be individually-optimized systems. This is how we achieve the best results with our products for the production chains in your production plants. The core industries that we serve form the basis for many value chains. And these have to be served in the best possible way.

With our air conditioning and process air technology, we ensure that you achieve the best product quality. Energy efficiency, sustainability and performance are the cornerstones of our sophisticated technology. Our engineers identify all of the industry requirements and, these are incorporated directly into each of our jobs. Learn about our products.

Klima- und Lüftungsanlagen für die Nahrungsmittelindustrie

Air conditioning & ventilations systems

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Prozesslufttechnik und Wärmerückgewinnung

Process air technology & heat recovery

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Hygienelufttechnik in der Flaschenabfüllung

Hygienic air conditioning solutions

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Klimatechnik in Käsereiferäumen mit der A-Bloc Technologie

Secondary air conditioner

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Trockenhaube in einer Papierproduktion - Minimale Wärme- und Schallemission und Reduzierung der Kondensationsrisiken

Drying hood

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Montage von einem Hochregallager für Käsereien - sensible Erzeugnisse benötigen konstante klimatische Lagerungsbedingungen

High-bay air conditioning solutions

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Dachinstallation von Hallenlufttechnik - so geplant dass sie gut zugänglich sind für Wartung und Reinigung

Indoor ventilation technology

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Schaubild für die Funktionsweise von Haubenabluft und Wärmerückgewinnung


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Kühltunnel in der Variante ChannelCool mit zweispuriger Verfahrweise

Pallet cooling // Cooling tunnel

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C-Cube im Hochregallager zur beidseitigen Palettenkühlung

Pallet cooling // C-Cube

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ModulCool zur Palettenkühlung

Palett cooling // ModulCool

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Tablarkühler zur Produktkühlung in Käsereien

Tray cooling system

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Produktkühlung veganer Lebensmittel wie Tofu

Rapid cooling system // BatchCool

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Brutraum für die Joghurtherstellung - Energiesparend, kundenspezifisch und prozessintegriert


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Klimatisierung für Ausrüstungs- & Schalträume sowie Nebenanlagen

Air conditioning paper industry

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Dampf- und Kondensatsysteme von airinotec dem Anlagenbauer mit Ingenieurskompetenz

Steam and condensate systems

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Schaubild von einem Panel für Automatisierungssysteme in Käsereien

Automation systems

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Medienversorgung und Klimatechnik

Supply of utilities

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360 degree expertise of our engineers – full success for all areas of your industrial production our expertise

Expertise doesn’t fall from the sky, but is acquired in combination with training and education over the course of many years in the service of our customers. We are also committed to sustainability, openness to innovation and maximum process engineering know-how, which we apply to our work every day. 

This is how expertise-based solutions are created: cost-effective, energy-efficient and intelligent air-conditioning systems for industry. From the consulting and system development to the construction of complete systems and the upgrading of existing systems, we are at your disposal with our expertise – all from one single source.

About airinotec – our passion for your growth and success in the manufacturing of your products about airinotec

airinotec GmbH is an international system provider with a focus on industrial air conditioning and process air technology. Founded in Bayreuth in 2007 and with a long history in Upper Franconia, we have developed on a continuous basis.

As a result, we have succeeded in implementing important major projects for renowned producers of paper and food products in the field of industrial air-conditioning technology on the international market. Today, airinotec stands for innovation, industry know-how and customized solutions.

Klimatechnik, Lüftungsanlage mit innovativen Gitterlinien

News and projects – learn all about us from our projects.

What better way is there to get to know a company than through its successes? In the following section of our website, we have compiled interesting project reports which illustrate what we have developed for our customers.

Discover how our customers have benefited and how the collaboration has worked. This is also where we publish news about our company. Have fun reading and discovering our areas of expertise.

Prozesslufttechnik und Wärmerückgewinnung

airinotec saves industrial company millions in operating costs

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BVMID honours airinotec as TOP100 COMPANY 2024 

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Joint plant project with Veltins makes a helpful contribution to sustainability

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airinotec auf der Anuga FoodTec in Köln Mockup vom Messestand

airinotec exhibits again at Anuga FoodTec and presents its biggest trade fair appearance to date

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We wish you a happy celebration

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Hallenlufttechnik für hygienerelvanten Bereich in der Abfüllung

New ventilation system at Brauerei Gebr. Maisel

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Ventilation concept for new dairy production facility

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Sascha Paulus to strengthen airinotec's management as of July 2023

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Außenansicht Textilherstellung Feiler Klimatechnik Energieeinsparung

Innovative control system for air technology

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Wir wünschen frohe Weihnachten! Airinotec Klima- und Prozesslufttechnik

Happy New Year 2023

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Produktkühlung in der Schnellkühlkammer zur Tofuherstellung

Cooling tofu efficiently – new rapid cooling systems with smart automation for Berief Food

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Buchmann Karton // Projektbericht airinotec // Papier- und Zellstoffindustrie

Regulation and monitoring system optimizes the operation of ventilation technology

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Gut besuchter Messestand von airinotec auf der Anuga FoodTec in Köln

Successful participation at Anuga FoodTec 2022 

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airinotec auf der Anuga FoodTec in Köln Mockup vom Messestand

airinotec exhibits at the Anuga FoodTec trade fair 

zum Bericht

Außenansichter der Mokerei Forster, die mit einen Kühltunnelsystem von airinotec ausgestattet wurde

Forster invests in cooling tunnel system  

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airinotec Klima- und Prozesslufttechnik wünscht Frohe Weihnachten

Goodbye 2021, Hello 2022!

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Außenansicht der Käserei von Baldauf

Cheese ripening room for Baldauf Cheese

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Hochregallager Innenansicht in einer Brauerei | © Krones AG / Störtebeker

Smart ventilation for Störtebeker

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Markenrelaunch airinotec Klima- und Prozesslufttechnik

Brand relaunch and new website

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Luftansicht der Produktion von Ahlstrom Munksjö

Retrofitting project at Ahlstrom-Munkskjö

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Dachinstallation für Klimatechnik in der Getränkeindustrie

Ventilation technology for added sustainability

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Lüftungstechnik für einen Anbieter von Mineralwasser

Ventilation technology for the production facilities

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Innenansicht Kühltunnel ohne Paletten

Incubator and pallet cooling project

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Außenansicht der Produktion von Koehler Papier

Optimization at the Koehler Paper Group

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Dachinstallation von Hallenlufttechnik - so geplant dass sie gut zugänglich sind für Wartung und Reinigung

Complete hall ventilation for Propapier

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Außenansicht der Papierproduktion von Sappi

Successful retrofit project at the Sappi plant in Ehingen

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Hygiene und Automatisierung für Käsespezialisten Gebr. Woerle

Hygiene and automation for the cheese specialists Gebr. Woerle

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airinotec - Creating Air Solutions - Klima- und Prozesslufttechnik
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