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The textiles and chemical industries, as well as many other sectors, provide key impetus for innovation. This makes it all the more important to have a partner by your side who is equally innovative when it comes to ventilation and air-conditioning technology. airinotec has the many years of know-how and the requisite industry-spanning engineering expertise. 

Prozesslufttechnik für die Textilindustrie
Industrieanlage aus der Chemischen Industrie
Klimatechnik und Klimatisierung hygroskopische Produkte für die Tabakindustrie

Textiles industry

Chemical industry

Tobacco industry

Ventilation and air-conditioning technology for the textiles, chemical and tobacco industries

In addition to our core industries, our innovative solutions are used worldwide in the textiles and chemical industries. Whether it is complex process air systems for the production of man-made fibers, air-conditioning systems for production areas for textiles manufacturing, or extraction solutions for exhaust air streams that contain hazardous substances – we build on innovative strength, economic efficiency and compliance with quality and deadlines as the basis of our success.

Our longstanding experience can also be adapted effectively to other industries. After all, with every successful project in one industry, valuable knowledge is created for another. And we use this knowledge to develop new ideas and solutions for your system-related challenge. Use our brain power in consulting and system development to move things forward in your industry. 

Filtertrommel zur Faserabsaugung in der Textilindustrie
Anlage von airinotec zur Faserabsaugung in der Textilindustrie
Hochdruckbefeuchter für die Textilindustrie
Anlage von airinotec zur Faserabsaugung in der Textilindustrie
Staubabsaugung in der Textilindustrie

Filter drum for fiber extraction

Fiber extraction

High pressure humidifier

Fiber recycling

Filter drum dust extraction

Textiles industry

Temperature and humidity, fibers and dust all play an important role in textile production. These are influenced by the process air and indoor air conditioning equipment, extraction and filter systems. It is at this point that we will be happy to pick up the thread and bring our energy-efficient solutions for spinning, weaving and other production stages into play. What does this look like in concrete terms? Read the project report from Feiler's weaving and twisting mill here. 

to the report

Industrieanlage aus der Chemischen Industrie

Chemical industry

The high safety standards in the chemical industry are a particular challenge for system and plant manufacturers. We have several years of experience which allows us to meet these challenges.  In our maintenance-friendly air conditioning systems, we only use materials which fulfil the particular requirements of the chemicals used. We avoid expensive downtimes by ensuring a high level of system availability.

Klimatechnik Klimatisierung von airinotec für Tabakindustrie Making & Packing
Maschinenkühlung für die Tabakindustrie
Klimaanlage und Maschinenkühlung für die Tabakindustrie
Kältezentrale für präzise Klimakonditionen in der Tabakindustrie

Air conditioning Making & Packing

Machine cooling

Air conditioning & machine cooling

Chiller house

Tobacco industry

Hygroscopic products such as tobacco react sensitively to fluctuations in humidity. It is naturally the case that high-tech production lines in this area therefore place high demands on ventilation and air conditioning. Precise climate conditions as well as optimum air intake and air guidance protect the product from damage, dust and loss of moisture. Our intelligent air conditioning technology ensures optimum ambient conditions which allow for high production speeds.

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