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Even the best production facilities are subject to wear and tear. The resulting production downtimes can usually be avoided with the right maintenance service, however. In this way, your production remains sustainably efficient.

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Our focus on service – your requirements

If productivity, quality, reliability and safety are as important to you as they are to us, then you have a genuine partner in airinotec who is available to you at all times. From preventive maintenance, modernization and software maintenance through to hygiene inspections according to VDI 6022, also for third-party systems, our service team is at your disposal with its vision and enthusiasm. We reduce service costs through targeted fault analysis, offer the comprehensive monitoring of your ventilation systems and rapid assistance in an emergency – also through remote maintenance if required. For maximum system availability over the entire service life.

Hallenlufttechnik für hygienerelevante Bereiche in der Brauerei

Best service for a maximum product lifecycle

  • Highest availability of your production plant 
  • Optimum production environment
  • Safety for staff, machines and buildings 
  • Low energy costs
  • Optimized maintenance and servicing costs
  • Proof of performance for VDI 6022 (hygienic condition of ventilation systems)
  • Longer service life of systems through regular monitoring and comparison of target/actual values

Upgrades of existing systems

Older equipment often serves its purpose, but it also needs to be adapted to ever-changing conditions. Our on-site service team will bring your system to the state of the art. In doing so, we ensure more efficient business operations, higher levels of efficiency and the continued safe production in the shortest possible time.

  • Conversion and adaptation of systems to new machine concepts
  • Replacement of air washers with high pressure or steam humidifiers
  • Refurbishment of air washers according to hygiene guidelines
  • Use of hygienic filter systems
  • Reconfiguration and renewal of older control systems such as pneumatic, electric or Siemens S5 systems
  • Retrofitting of frequency converters
Reftrofit-Projekt mit Hallenlufttechnik für eine Papierproduktion

Optimization of existing systems

We begin by assessing the condition of your system and the production conditions. For this purpose, we carry out measurements to ascertain the climate conditions in the production plant, the volumes of air and water, as well as the noise levels, particles and vibrations. The requirements can be complex. In this respect, it is important to evaluate concepts across the board.

With our experienced technicians and engineers from the differing specialist areas, you are able to benefit from our know-how for the optimization of the most sophisticated systems. Through intelligent energy concepts, we reduce your production costs and jointly support environmental protection.

Service - Außenanbau für Hallenlufttechnik
  • Optimization of ventilation and air conditioning systems
  • Optimization of heating and cooling systems
  • Optimization of heat recovery systems
  • Optimization of hygiene conditions
  • Optimization of hydraulic systems, such as cold-hot water
  • Increase in production output
  • Integration into safety concepts
  • Integration into product data tracking
  • Software upgrades

Maintenance, inspection and spare parts

Prevention can be better than the cure. We therefore recommend inspections and system maintenance according to VDMA 24186. This not only guarantees safety for people, machines and buildings, it also ensures the high availability of the production processes. From the replacement of bearings, to the exchanging of wearing parts, through to the replacement of defective system components – we supply spare parts and ensure smooth replacements.

Service - Überprüfen der Sicherheitsschaltungen und des Prozessumfelds

Here we can help you

  • Maintenance of fire safety dampers according to the current regulations 
  • Inspections of safety circuits and the processing environment 
  • Inspections of functional sequences and control strategies
  • Recalibration of drifting sensors  
  • Maintenance of pneumatic and electrical controls; software maintenance of Siemens S5/7

Hygiene and analyses 

In recent years, the hygienic condition of systems has become increasingly important, and is regulated by numerous ordinances. This is an area in which it is important to have a reliable partner by your side. Whether required by the product or defined by the legal framework of VDI6022 – we help you keep your systems in a hygienically-flawless condition throughout the period of operation.

Service - Oberflächenuntersuchungen sowie Luftkeimzahlbestimmung

What we offer

  • Hygiene inspections and cleaning according to VDI 6022
  • Surface examinations and determination of airborne microbial levels 
  • Analysis of samples at an independent, accredited laboratory
  • Airborne pathogen measurements in systems and rooms
  • Mechanical and chemical cleaning of plants and duct systems
  • Disinfection

Remote access & support service

With our know-how in the areas of process climate and automation, our specialists are the right choice to provide on-site support for your team. Whether troubleshooting in the case of a malfunction or improving your energy efficiency, our experts will support you on request via VPN tunnel with any problem - independent of location, profound and efficient. 

All you need is a retrofittable VPN router with an internet connection. A complete compatibility list is available upon request. We look forward to hearing from you!

Schaubild für Automatisierung in Käsereien

Fast & professional support –when it counts.

  • Professional and fast error analysis
  • Rapid recommissioning after incidents
  • Increased availability
  • Analysis by the specialist for the energy-efficient operation of the plants
  • Support for your operating team
  • Costs for on-site operations can be reduced
  • SMS fault messages or e-mails to your cell phone
  • Secure VPN connection according to ISO 27001
  • Already successfully in use with many customers

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