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EnergyOpt mit einen Schaubild von Haubenabluft und Wärmerückgewinnung

The airinotec EnergyOpt Fan/Pump+ has a self-optimizing speed control system. This means that the optimum operating point is consistently determined and controlled on an adaptive basis according to the demand of every consumer. Only as much pre-pressure is generated as is needed to supply the systems, thereby saving electricity with air, heating and cooling systems. The costs of complex adaptive measures are eliminated, and the otherwise standard flow regulator systems are not required. The system controls itself on an adaptive and continuous basis.

Thanks to our intelligent control concept with EnergyOpt HX-Vario, you can now provide for tolerance zones according to the corresponding product or production requirements. In addition to the standard specifications for the temperature and relative humidity, absolute humidity or characteristic curves which correspond to the water activity (aw-value) of hygroscopic products are also possible. This results in a setpoint field that enables the energy-efficient operation of the system on the precise boundary line of this field. This saves energy during the generation of cold air, heat and steam.

With the intelligent EnergyOpt filter from airinotec, the filter warning value is calculated and evaluated on a dynamic basis for variable-volume systems. This ensures the optimum monitoring at all times and guarantees safe operations. Moreover, during partial load operation, you also save energy with the ventilators.

Our intelligent cooling system, the EnergyOpt AirCooler, optimizes the cooling curve of coolers and thereby saves energy as a matter of course. After all: through variable water temperatures and volume flows, the optimum cooling curve is adapted on a dynamic basis. Reheating in the event of dehumidification is not necessary, or can be reduced to the minimum.

With the intelligent ChillerOpt VTC control system for cooling systems, saving electricity becomes easy. This determines and controls the setpoint of the cold water flow temperature according to demand. The evaporation temperature of the cooling machine can be set correspondingly high. This means that the COP (EER) is significantly improved.

To ensure that subsystems are flawlessly coordinated at all times, the Cool Master automatically switches to an energy-saving eco-mode when the defined target temperature has been reached, or deactivates cooling tunnel zones where there are no pallets. 

Automated process modules that really save energy

To be able to offer products on the international market on a competitive basis, reducing energy costs is frequently the top priority in the area of industrial production. The energy-intensive areas of ventilation, air conditioning, cooling and drying in particular offer a variety of opportunities for achieving energy savings. EnergyOpt from airinotec enables a wide range of automation solutions which reduce your energy costs in this area. With our in-depth knowledge of both manufacturing processes and air and heat technology, we start exactly where energy can be saved: in production hall and process air systems, heating, cooling and refrigeration systems, fans and pumps, as well as in overall plant-wide strategies. The following applies to all concepts: demand-oriented and only as much air-heat-cooling as required.

Tabelle von Messwerten von EnergyOpt Paper

EnergyOpt Paper

Valuable resources are recovered from the exhaust air in the hood. This takes place on the basis of efficiency-optimized heat recovery, the demand-based reduction of the volumes of the production hall air and hot water, the self-optimizing application point of the steam counterflow and the self-optimizing hydraulic balancing of the system. This not only saves on live steam, but also electricity.

Air and water balance

With EnergyOpt Paper, the air and water balance from the drying process is determined online by the hall air system in all systems. According to the demand, the temperatures and humidity loads determine the air volumes in the overall system. The management of excessive loads and deficiencies allows for controlled air and pressure conditions in the production facilities. On the one hand, the control strategy considerably reduces the energy costs; on the other, it reduces the risk of the growth of mold, and creates a hygienic production environment. In this way, companies in the paper industry are able to drive their sustainability policy and save costs at the same time. The software solution can be integrated into existing or new process control systems, and allows for a rapid return on investment at low investment costs.

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