Tray cooler – for your dairy products

Tablarkühler für die Kühlung von Käse

Individual cooling times for each product.

Our airinotec Coolmaster-CM software platform, which is based on Siemens Simatic S7 and Rockwell Automation, optimizes all processes, and ensures transparent and straightforward system operations with user-friendly visualizations. Intelligent functional modules coordinate the operating modes, such as the eco-mode when the required product temperature has been reached, the deactivation of cooling zones that aren’t occupied with pallets, and the defrosting of the coolers as required. In this way, the mechanics and electronics expand together. 

The discontinuous product flow means that the tray cooler can also be used as a cold store.

Flexibility for the highest degree of ripening  

Do you make a wide variety of dairy products in different forms which aren’t suitable for pallets, like blocks of butter or cheese, and would you like to cool them? The airinotec tray cooler is as flexible as the scope of your product range, and cools everything on trays that are transported from a stacker crane to a fixed cooling location. Each tray stays in the system for as long as necessary. This means that even with a wide range of products, a precise cooling time can be achieved for each product with a superb level of energy efficiency. 

More solutions for product cooling

airinotec has other interesting products ready for cooling your products. Discover which solution best suits your requirements. 

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Produktkühlung veganer Lebensmittel wie Tofu

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