A-BLOC Pro Technology – for cheese ripening rooms

Klimatisierung vom Käsereiferäumen durch den A-Bloc
Sekundärklimagerät für Käsereiferäume

Secondary air conditioner

Secondary air conditioner

According to the modular principle.

The unit is equipped with nozzles for automatic internal cleaning.

With airinotec A-BLOC control for perfect climate precision, transparency and intelligent networkability (based on Siemens S7 / WinCC ). And our high-precision moisture measurement allows the best ripening results. After all, moisture is weight and weight is money.

If your system should require servicing, we provide support via Global Remote Service and can enable rapid troubleshooting (touch screen panel, controls) or the online optimization of parameters via remote access.

Precision, accuracy and consistency

The airinotec A-BLOC Pro technology for ripening rooms and hygiene-relevant process areas provides your production facility with a homogeneous and constant room climate. The precision air conditioning guarantees the best ripening results for your products. The stainless steel recirculating air hygiene unit is able to cool, heat, moisten or dehumidify the air as required. The air is distributed via induction nozzles and therefore ensures an even and precise ripening climate.

Klimatisierung für Käsereifelager

Discover A-Bloc

Experience the A-Bloc technology in action, and convince yourself of the performance of the innovative cooling technology for ripening rooms and hygiene-relevant process areas. In the video, all your questions about this stainless steel recirculating air hygiene unit will be answered. Decide for yourself which cooling solution is right for you, or allow us to advise you. We can also build an individual solution for you.

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