BatchCool – Rapid cooling system with smart automation for the food industry

Kühlkammer für die Kühlung von Lebensmitteln
Tofu auf dem Transportwagen in einer Schnellkühlkammer von airinotec
Kühlkammer für die Produktkühlung von veganen Lebensmitteln

Exterior view rapid cooling system

Tofu in cold storage

Cooling tofu production

The specially developed airinotec Rapid Cooling Technology with RCT+ turbulence generators ensures a uniform flow through your products. This optimizes the heat transfer process and achieves energy-efficient product cooling. In addition, cooling zones that are not currently needed are automatically switched off.

The airinotec CoolMaster-CM automation platform based on Siemens Simatic S7 is designed to be user-friendly and keep energy costs at a low level. Remote diagnostics, remote maintenance and service can be performed remotely via a VPN client.

Independently controllable cooling zones optimize the cooling rates. To ensure uniform cooling, the direction of the cooling air can be changed automatically during the cooling process.

Simple loading and unloading can be carried out manually using transport carts or fully automatically using integrated transport solutions. 

Rapid cooling systems for batch processes

To achieve an efficient manufacturing process, pasteurized products such as tofu must be cooled quickly and reliably. The solution: airinotec's rapid cooling systems, which are designed with the individual needs of your products in mind. Independently controllable cooling zones ensure short process times as well as reproducible and energy-efficient cooling results.

More solutions for product cooling

airinotec has other interesting products ready for cooling your products. Discover which solution best suits your requirements. 

Kühltunnel in der Variante ChannelCool mit zweispuriger Verfahrweise

Pallet cooling // Cooling tunnel

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C-Cube im Hochregallager zur beidseitigen Palettenkühlung

Pallet cooling // C-Cube

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ModulCool zur Palettenkühlung

Palettenkühlung // ModulCool

zur Lösung

Tablarkühler zur Produktkühlung in Käsereien

Tray cooling system

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