Cooling tunnel – economical pallet cooling 

Kühltunnel in der Variante ChannelCool für Palettenkühlung in Molkereien - voll automatisch durch digitale Steuerung
Kühltunnel AccuCool in der doppelstöckigen Ausführung für die Kühlung von Paletten
Einschleusung Kühltunnel
Detailansicht Kühltunnel
Palettenaufgabe für den Kühltunnel in Molkereien

ChannelCool // double track

AccuCool // double level

Cooling tunnel inlet

Pallet cooling // AccuCool

Pallet issue

Doesn’t just save energy but also cooling space, and therefore investment costs.

The airinotec Rapid Cooling Technology-RCT with turbulence generators ensures effective product cooling, also with partially-loaded pallets and critical products.

The entire system runs on a fully automatic basis. A digital control system ensures that the complete process is carried out with a minimum of personnel.

Our airinotec Coolmaster-CM software platform, which is based on Siemens Simatic S7 and Rockwell Automation, optimizes all processes, and ensures transparent and straightforward system operations with user-friendly visualizations. Intelligent functional modules coordinate the operating modes, such as the eco-mode when the required product temperature has been reached, the deactivation of cooling zones that aren’t occupied with pallets, and the defrosting of the coolers as required. In this way, the mechanics and electronics expand together. 

Energy-saving motors, high-performance air coolers and fans with maximum efficiency minimize the heat input and save energy.

Air locks installed at both the inlet and outlet minimize the moisture and heat input, extend the defrosting intervals, and increase the productivity of your system. 

Walk-in chambers ensure easy access to all of the subsystems. 

Well designed, detailed solutions for the wall, floor and ceiling elements to avoid dirt traps, self-draining condensate trays and much more ensure the optimum basic hygiene. 

If your system should require servicing, we provide support via Global Remote Service and can enable rapid troubleshooting (touch screen panel, controls) or the online optimization of parameters via remote access.

Flawless product quality is created in the tunnel

To achieve high product quality, it is necessary for dairy products to be cooled quickly after their production. For this purpose, airinotec has developed a comprehensive range of cooling tunnel solutions for pallets which ensure uniform and reproducible food cooling. At our technical center, we determine the ideal cooling behavior for each product so that we can fulfill every customer requirement on an individual basis. Depending on the product type, quantity, filling temperature, packaging and crate geometry, the cooling tunnel can be individually adapted to your operational processes. This results in an energy-efficient system design that is planned exactly according to your requirements and therefore ensures the optimum production results.

Experience the cooling tunnel

Experience the cooling tunnel in action, and see the performance of the innovative pallet cooling systems from airinotec at first hand. In the video, all your questions about the cooling of the widest variety of dairy products on pallets will be answered. Decide for yourself which cooling solution is right for you, or allow us to advise you. We can also build an individual solution for you.

Kühltunnel in der Variante AccuCool ohne Paletten


We have optimized our AccuCool solution for use with a high product variance that has different cooling times. With this system, the individual product pallets are only cooled for as long as necessary. The transport is carried out discontinuously with a conveyor vehicle – the flexibility of the system is very high. AccuCool is optionally available as a two-story unit.

Zweispuriger Kühltunnel zur Palettenkühlung in der Nahrungsmittelindustrie


With our ChannelCool solution, the pallets are continuously conveyed through the cooling tunnel on chain conveyors. This enables large product quantities with similar cooling behaviors to be cooled on a rapid and energy-efficient basis – ChannelCool is optionally available in two tracks, and in this version, allows for the implementation of two different cooling times.

More solutions for product cooling

airinotec has other interesting products ready for cooling your products. Discover which solution best suits your requirements. 

C-Cube im Hochregallager zur beidseitigen Palettenkühlung

Pallet cooling // C-Cube

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ModulCool zur Palettenkühlung

Palett cooling // ModulCool

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Tablarkühler zur Produktkühlung in Käsereien

Tray cooling system

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Produktkühlung veganer Lebensmittel wie Tofu

Rapid cooling system // BatchCool

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Yoghurtbecher bei der Einschleusung in den Kühltunnel
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