Indoor ventilation technology – reliable production hall ventilation systems

Hallenlufttechnik Abluft Zuluft für die Papierindustrie - Gutes Klima für Mensch und Produkt
Hallenlufttechnik zur Klimatisierung von Papierfabrik mit Kastengerät
Hallenlufttechnik auf dem Dach einer Papierproduktion mit effektiv verringerten Schallemissionen
Hallenlufttechnik Deckenbelüftung Heizenergieversorgung für Papierindustrie - sparen sie bei ihrem Primärenergieverbrauch
Hallenlufttechnik für die Papierindustrie
Deckenquerlüftung als Bestandteil von Hallenlufttechnik in einer Papierproduktion
Hallenbelüftungssystem für Hallenbelüftung und Hallenentlüftung für Papierindustrie

Hall supply air

Hall supply air

Hall exhaust air

Production hall ventilation

Production hall ventilation

Ceiling cross ventilation

Heating energy supply

You can choose from a variety of different systems that are perfectly customized to your requirements – whether it is a new build or a conversion. 

Suitable supply air units for indoor or outdoor installation are available either as box units or as large units, while intermediate support units can be integrated in the production hall in order to save space.

Whether on the outside wall or the roof – the exhaust air units from airinotec are the correct choice for all your requirements. We ensure that our equipment is planned to be easily accessible for the purposes of maintenance and cleaning. Noise emissions are effectively reduced.

The right ceiling ventilation system is the key to being able to proactively counteract possible production disruptions due to condensation on the production hall ceiling. What are your requirements? We install transverse ceiling ventilation or pressurized, heated suspended ceiling systems – also with heat recovery on request. This reduces your energy costs.

Depending on the location, the production hall ventilation has a high thermal energy requirement. airinotec offers heating energy supply concepts with which you can recover the waste heat from your production process. These will save you money on your primary energy consumption.

A good climate for people and products

The reliable removal of the heat and moisture load from the paper mill presents no problem to our production hall ventilation systems. The production process and operating personnel benefit from a good production hall climate, and the building is also actively protected.

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