Hygienic air conditioning solutions – for sensitive production areas 

Hygiene-Klimatechnik in der Abfüllung von Flaschen
Käse im Hochregallager eines Käsereiferaumes
Hygiene-Lufttechnik in der Flaschenabfüllung
Klimatechnik in Käsereien
Dachinstallation für Hallenlufttechnik in Käsereien
Schichtlüftung in der Getränkeindustrie
Hygiene-Klimatechnik für Milchprodukte
Hygienelufttechnik für Salzbad in Käserei

Hygienic air technology

Cheese ripening room

Bottling facility

Cheese dairy ventilation technology

Cheese dairy air conditioning

Layered ventilation

Hygienic air conditioning technology

Salt bath for cheese dairy

The greatest challenges in highly hygienically-sensitive areas of the food industry are the production facilities, manufacturing processes and the people that work in them. When it comes to product safety, seeing the bigger picture is critically important. The air conditioning solutions from airinotec are adapted precisely to what is required for the product. Precision rates of air exchange, zoning and defined air overflows ensure a controlled quality of air in the production environment with the right air ducting system.

In critical areas, such as maturation rooms or for the slicing or packaging of cheese products, protection against contamination is essential. We plan and install product-specific solutions with well thought-out air routing systems, and use innovative air filter technologies or UV-C air disinfection systems to protect your products.

The energy-intensive production of a microbiologically clean environment, in which defined values for air temperature, pressure and humidity must be reliably maintained, offers many opportunities for saving energy. 

In addition to an energy-efficient system design, EnergyOpt from airinotec offers a variety of automation solutions that reduce your energy costs in this area. With our in-depth knowledge of both manufacturing processes and air and heat technology, we start exactly where energy can be saved: indoor and process air systems, heating, cooling and refrigeration systems, fans and pumps, as well as in overall plant-wide strategies. Orientation to demand is key to all the concepts that we develop. That means, only as much air-heat-cooling as is required is applied.

Our systems are designed to ensure that not only the air conditioning units themselves, but also the hygiene-critical exhaust air ducts are easy to maintain and clean. 

Cutting-edge innovations for a low-pathogen climate

In highly hygienically-sensitive operations such as cheese dairies, dairies and bottling plants in the beverages industry, the hygiene requirements are particularly high. After all, pathogen-laden air is able to contaminate food very quickly. In critical production processes in particular, the optimum quality of your indoor air must be guaranteed. In this area, airinotec offers innovative hygiene air-conditioning solutions or clean room technology which also have a lot of potential for saving energy. 

Hygienelufttechnik mit bodentiefen Luftauslässen


The airinotec HygienicFlow displacement air diffuser ensures low-turbulence air flows in hygiene-oriented industrial areas. A supply air duct in the floor area supplies the work areas on a targeted basis, and dissipates high heat and material loads in an energy-efficient way. A hygienic design ensures well thought-out, detailed solutions, regardless of the type of wall mounting. The airinotec HygienicFlow displacement air diffuser is optionally available in a hygienic stainless steel design, which means it also enables wet cleaning.

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How do you keep pathogens under control in your high-sensitivity production facilities?
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