High-bay air conditioning solutions – for constant storage conditions

Montage für Hochregallager für Molkereiprodukte
Klimatechnik in einem Hochregallager für Brauereien für konstante Lagerbedingungen | © Krones AG / Störtebeker
Montage Luft- und Klimatechnik in einem Hochregallager
Klimatechnik in einem Hochregallager - Intelligente Automationslösungen sorgen für niedrige Betriebskosten
Schichtenlager in einem Hochregallager für Brauereien
Montage von einem Hochregallager für die Getränkeindustrie

High-bay storage // Dairies

High-bay storage // Beverages

High-bay storage // Assembly plant

High-bay storage // Ventilation

Layered ventilation

High-bay storage // Assembly plant

Constant, uniform storage conditions, such as temperature and humidity, at every storage location.

Whether layered storage for different temperature zones or mixed ventilation for a homogeneous climate. The right air ducting system for every application.

Reliable systems ensure a high level of fail-safety.

Intelligent automation solutions ensure low operating costs

Aim high with certainty: sensitive products

Sensitive products like dairy products require constant climate-controlled storage conditions. This is the only way that you, as a manufacturer, can ensure high product quality. Would you like to convert, optimize or completely reconstruct the air-conditioning or refrigeration technology in your high-bay storage facility? We support you from the planning to the realization – whether it is for cold storage, a partially air-conditioned finished goods storage facility or a fully air-conditioned ripening storage facility.

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What kind of storage requirements have to be met in your high-bay storage facility?
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