Drying hood – energy efficiency starts with the hood

Trockenhaube zur Steigerung der Energieeffizienz in der Papierindustrie
Trockenhaube in einer Produktionshalle senkt die Kosten

Drying hood

Drying hood

With less air, less heating energy is required for the heating, and less electricity is needed for the fans. At the same time, the energy content of the machine exhaust air increases, which enables the highest level of efficiency of the heat recovery systems.

Through its large-area design with few separating joints, our superior closed hood system is designed as a vapor-tight panel construction. With an additional all-round special seal and tight clamping, the system allows less heat and water vapor to escape into the production hall, thereby reducing energy losses. The low cold bridge design reduces the risks of condensation in the paper machine. The closed hood ensures effective sound insulation into the machine hall.

Our drying hood improves the working environment in your production hall by reducing the levels of heat, humidity, noise and dust. 

High efficiency & low costs

High energy costs in the field of paper production are mainly determined by the drying process. To increase efficiency and greatly reduce costs, we start at the core of the dryer section: the hood and its associated machine air technology. High hood dew points provide the basis for the high efficiency levels of heat recovery systems and can therefore significantly reduce your energy costs – whether it is a new or an existing production line. Our closed drying hood system keeps the steam consumption as low as possible.

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