Air-conditioning solutions for the paper industry – equipment & switchgear facilities and ancillary systems

Innenansicht von einem Schaltraum aus der Papierindustrie
Klimatisierung einer Bedienwarte in der Papierproduktion
Klimatisierung von Ausrüstung zur Papierherstellung um die statische Aufladung des Papiers durch Belüftungssysteme zu reduzieren
Befeuchtung von Rollenschneidern reduziert Produktionsstörungen

Control room

Control room

Equipment areas

Humidification of the slitter winder

These systems dissipate heat losses and protect switchgear from dust and corrosion. The following are available: straightforward recirculating air cooling units, compact units, and central air conditioning units as overpressure systems. If necessary, we also use chemical air filtration to prevent corrosion. The cooling can be achieved through the use of well water or cooling units.

A common problem during the winter is web shrinkage and paper web tearing because of insufficient moisture in the area of the slitter blades. These can lead to web breaks. With the specialist air conditioning systems from airinotec, you can prevent this problem and the resulting disruptions to your production.

The static charging of the paper in the finishing area can be reduced with the use of our ventilation systems. These maintain the constant temperature and humidity in the room or at the machine, and therefore ensure the required production environment.

Reliable measurements are only possible under constant laboratory conditions. Our laboratory air conditioning systems reliably ensure that such conditions prevail.

Satisfied employees enjoy working in sufficiently air-conditioned rooms. airinotec designs and supplies ventilation systems for offices, staff rooms and control rooms.

Whenever a safe and precise production environment is required.

Unfavorable climate conditions surrounding the equipment, on the slitter winder and in the laboratory, dust and excessively high temperatures in switchgear facilities and electricity supply areas, a poor room climate for the personnel: all are problems that have a negative impact on your production.

The solutions developed by the paper production experts at airinotec ensure flawless production conditions with reliable process control, thereby creating decent working conditions.

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How do you ensure uninterrupted paper production processes?
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