Außenansicht der Papierfabrik von Koehler

The Koehler Paper Group invests in an energy-efficient future

The Koehler Paper Group and airinotec have a long-standing business relationship. At the headquarters of the company in Oberkirch, the existing PM5 paper machine was equipped with the software at the beginning of 2019. In 2020, with the new PM8 paper machine and the SM8 coating machine, the company invested in a sustainable future: the system manufactures flexible, sustainable packaging solutions which replace plastic packaging with innovative and recyclable barrier papers. As in the entire paper industry, ventilation units with heat recovery systems are also of considerable importance at the new Koehler plant. For this reason, as an expert in this field, airinotec was brought on board in an early stage of the planning phase. The goal wasn’t just to ensure that the end product was sustainable, but also that the operation of the energy-intensive ventilation and heat recovery systems was energy efficient.

EnergyOpt Paper as the perfect solution

The planning team at Koehler Paper Group was aware of the considerable degree of untapped savings potential in the paper industry. In many cases, settings to the ventilation systems are only made during the initial commissioning. After that, the settings either stay as they are or – at the most – are set for summer / winter operation. The disadvantages that are caused by this – condensation or the growth of mold due to a poor air balance, pressure fluctuations, a low level of energy efficiency, for example – were to be prevented. 

Tabelle von Messwerten von EnergyOpt Paper

Demand-optimized operations with EnergyOpt Paper

This is where EnergyOpt Paper from airinotec steps in: the system enables an air balance in the production hall which is managed online and which can be used to solve the problems outlined above. This provides companies with a diagnostic- and control tool that enables them to achieve a comprehensive strategy for the operation of the plant systems. EnergyOpt Paper determines the required air volume flows and injection temperatures according to demand and taking the air balances determined online into account – and adapted to the production influences and the outside air conditions. This optimizes the use of energy for the supply of air to the production hall and the exhaust air, which leads to a reduction in the energy costs. The heat input is also determined on the basis of the actual conditions and continuously adjusted. This reduces the power consumption for the ventilators and pumps, and only the amount of air and heating water which is required is transported.

Implementation at Koehler

EnergyOpt Paper has now been in use for the PM8 paper machine and the SM8 coating machine since the beginning of 2020. In total, EnergyOpt Paper manages some 15 production hall supply air systems and 21 production hall exhaust air systems, 20 machine exhaust air systems and three PM8 process air heat recovery systems, as well as two SM8 process air heat recovery systems at Koehler. Sensors transfer the required data, on the basis of which EnergyOpt Paper determines the air and water balances of the various production areas online – before adjusting them on a fully automatic basis according to the specifications required by the production facility. The result: air handling units and heat recovery systems that are precisely adapted to the respective situation in the production facility. 

Sustainable production which fulfills high hygiene standards

For Koehler, the factor of sustainability was a key concern during the planning of the plant – in this case, the product and production had the same goal. With the implementation of EnergyOpt Paper, Koehler is reducing its energy costs and CO2 emissions at its new production line. In addition, the use of EnergyOpt Paper offers further advantages in terms of hygiene: the development of condensation and mold are also to be prevented. This creates a hygienic production environment with improved working conditions for the staff. The buildings are protected and a negative impact on production is prevented.

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