Lufttechnik für nachhaltige Getränkeproduktion

HANSA-HEEMANN: Beverage production with sustainability

HANSA-HEEMANN has been one of the leading suppliers of mineral water and soft drinks in Germany for four decades. The company’s recipe for success is to be found in its sustainable business model, which takes consistent account of the environmental requirements and ever-changing markets. In addition to its head office in Rellingen near Hamburg, HANSA-HEEMANN operates at various locations throughout Germany. The company’s most recent plant, which began operating in 2007, is located in Bruchsal, Baden-Württemberg. When a second plant was planned there, HANSA-HEEMANN hired airinotec. 

Lufthygiene in einer Abfüllerei für Mineralwasser
Hygiene-Klimatechnik mit Verdrängungsauslass

Hygienic air conditioning

Displacement air diffuser

Of key importance to HANSA-HEEMANN: hygiene and energy efficiency

As is the case with food production, elevated hygiene requirements must also be met when bottling beverages. Safe products are achieved through the use of suitable machinery and equipment. And when bottling mineral water, ventilation systems are at the heart of things. In addition to the air quality at the production facilities, it was important for HANSA-HEEMANN for its plant to follow the company’s sustainability philosophy. Intelligent automation should ensure that the climate and air control is linked precisely to actual demand – opening up considerable potential for making savings. “For us, sustainability is an essential part of our commercial activity,” explains Michael Weller, project manager at HANSA-HEEMANN AG. “Conserving resources and ensuring a high degree of process efficiency were therefore part of the specifications for the new plant.”

We have specialized in a few industries with very specific requirements.

airinotec Geschäftsführer Stefan Hummrich
Stefan Hummrich // Managing Director

State-of-the-art ventilation technology for 55,000 cubic meters

airinotec began planning and installing the system in 2018. The focus was on the two main areas that are of decisive importance for HANSA-HEEMANN: hygiene and energy efficiency. Within five months, an area of approx. 6,300 m², which corresponds to a space of approx. 55,000 m³, was equipped with state-of-the-art ventilation technology. In addition to two central air-conditioning units for supplying air to the mineral water bottling plant, three other air-conditioning systems are part of the concept. This supplies the technical areas, the energy plant and the social building.

Apart from the correct air filtration and the targeted focal point extraction of emissions sources, special attention was also paid to the air ducting to ensure the optimum hygienic conditions. The supply air is introduced close to the ground and with low turbulence according to the stratified flow principle. High performance heat recovery systems were also installed in the ventilation systems to efficiently reduce the required demand for primary thermal energy. Moreover, the ventilation systems are not operated constantly, but according to demand. In combination with intelligent airinotec automation, this achieves considerable energy savings. 

Customized solutions for specialist areas

With the system that airinotec developed for HANSA-HEEMANN AG, the customer’s expectations have been met to precision: “In terms of conserving resources in particular, airinotec provided us with very qualified advice and developed a system architecture which has exceeded our expectations,” explains Michael Weller. The project also shows us what makes airinotec so special: “The system that we developed for one of the largest mineral water bottling businesses in Germany is a good illustration of how we work,” explains Stefan Hummrich, Managing Director of airinotec. “We specialize in a few industries that have particular requirements. This means we know exactly which systems are best for which project.”

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