Außenansicht Lufttechnik Textilindustrie Energieeinsparung bei der Lüftungstechnik

A fine energy saving for Feiler GmbH  

Ernst Feiler GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers of genuine patterned chenille and fine terry with chenille borders. A soft feel and lightness play a particularly important role in bathroom textiles, as they come into contact with the skin. When Ernst Feiler GmbH purchases yarns, the company makes sure that only high-quality materials of refined cotton are used. High quality standards therefore play a major role in the production of bathroom textiles and accessories.

Analysis of the current production conditions

The focus of the optimization were the ventilation systems of the weaving and spinning mill, as some production conditions in the hall had changed over the years, such as the number of machines, lighting or the machine technology. Feiler therefore commissioned the engineers from airinotec to investigate the energy saving potential by upgrading the facility. Could a new intelligent control system for the fan drives help to achieve this goal in production? In a joint kick off by Feiler and airinotec, stock was taken of the changes in the number of machines (loads) as well as changes in lighting (LED technology). This was followed by an analysis of the current thermal loads in the production rooms and the production times. Based on this data, a prognosis could be made about the achievable energy production potential. 

Lufttechnik für die Textilindustrie Lüftungsanlagen von airinotec

The basics of energy savings: Minor reduction = significant potential

The power requirement of fans changes in the third  power to the volume flow. According to the laws of proportionality, the characteristic curve is analogous to the speed. This means:
By reducing the volume flow by only 20%, the energy requirement for the fans will be reduced by approx. 50%. This shows how important the energy-efficient design and optimized operation of systems and aggregates are. The significance of optimizing air flows to achieve greater sustainability and energy savings thus becomes evident.

Diagramm Klimatechnik für Textilindustrie

Results of the analysis

The result was clear. A 36% energy saving potential for the air conditioning system of the weaving mill was determined. Based on the operational hours, Ernst Feiler GmbH thereby saves 149,500 kWh per year.
Calculations regarding the air conditioning system for the spinning mill resulted in a savings potential of 37%. The responsible managers at Feiler could thus look forward to savings of more than 76,000 kWh per year based on operating hours. Secondary savings in respect of air humidification (water consumption) or heat output have not even been considered here.

It is always exciting to see how much can be achieved in terms of environmental protection, emission savings and energy cost reductions with just a few resources.

Wolfgang Weisser Energieeinsparung durch Lüftungstechnik von airinotec
Wolfgang Weisser // After Sales Engineer

A smooth implementation

The implementation of the new control concept was undertaken on site within two weeks of operation. The existing air conditioning control Siemens S5 from 1996 was replaced by a modern Siemens S7 control. In addition, the drives for the fans were equipped with frequency converters for power regulation. The new automation promotes operational safety and improves the display as well as the setting options on the control unit. With the new control system, both systems can now also be visualized on the company network. This means that the control system can now be accessed directly from the workstation (PC). In return, airinotec can provide support services via VPN access.

Thanks to airinotec's innovative control system, we have been able to significantly reduce our power consumption, which leads to a valuable contribution to energy savings and significantly reduces our electricity costs

Projektbericht Textilbranche Feiler Alexander Stefan Energieeinsparung durch Lüftungstechnik
Alexander Stefan // Technische Leitung

Positive side effect – increased operational safety and transparency

Neben der hohen Energieeinsparung hatten die Arbeiten von airinotec noch weitere positive Nebeneffekte für die Produktion von Feiler. Zum einen erhöht der Einsatz von modernster Technik die Betriebssicherheit langfristig und reduziert die Ausfallzeiten der Anlagen. Zum anderen profitieren die verantwortlichen Mitarbeiter in der Produktion von einer höheren Transparenz in Bezug auf die Leistung der Lufttechnik. So kann spontan auf Veränderungen der Parameter effizient Einfluss genommen und schnell reagiert werden. Aufgrund des positiven Ergebnisses und der guten Zusammenarbeit wurden auch weitere Klimaanlagen über das firmeneigene Netzwerk visualisiert und mit einem Supportzugang (VPN) für airinotec ausgestattet. Zusätzlich werden alle Klimaanlagen durch airinotec einmal jährlich vor Ort inspiziert und untersucht.

A good result

The upgraded plant has been in operation at Feiler since the fall of 2020. With the exorbitant rise in energy costs, this investment has already paid off in a very short period. Based on the calculations made at the time of installation, the system upgrade would have paid for itself after 17 months. With the current cost of energy, this timespan would be significantly shorter. It is planned that airinotec will in future also check production for compliance of the savings opportunities as part of its annual inspections.

Lufttechnik für die Textilindustrie Lüftungsanlagen von airinotec
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