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The future belongs to the returnable bottle

An investment of EUR 25 million and 60 million glass bottles per year at full capacity: with the new bottling plant at the company’s Unterradlberg site, Egger Getränke GmbH has put a superlative plant into operation. For the company, the new bottling plant is part of a long-term strategy, as the investment enables a resource-saving and sustainable range of products in the domestic beverages line.

Hygienische Lufttechnik in der Abfüllung
Hallenlufttechnik in der Abfüllung

Air conditioning // Bottling facility

Hall ventilation technology

Sustainability extends to ventilation technology

For Egger Getränke, the concept of sustainability doesn't just encompass the product, but also the production process – an area in which ventilation technology is an important factor. This is where the specialists from airinotec came into play: they were commissioned in August 2019. The engineers from airinotec immediately set to work on the implementation planning. In a record time of just over half a year, the hygienic air technology was implemented in close coordination with the system supplier for the bottling line. 

In focus: hygiene and energy efficiency

The system, which was designed especially for and “custom-made” for Egger Beverages, is located in a 5,000 m2 production hall. More than 2,000 m2 of ventilation ducts have been installed for the ventilation system. The central ventilation roof weighs roughly 25 tons, and with a length of 13 meters, a width of 8 meters, and a height of 5 meters, it has the dimensions of a detached family house. 

The hygienic air technology that airinotec designed for Egger Getränke applied to three areas in the production area: the filling hall, the CIP area and the syrup room. Overall, it was necessary to ensure the provision of ventilation for a room volume of approx. 40,000 m3. The production air conditioning system envisaged by airinotec has a capacity of 120,000 m3/h. The system focuses on two key areas: hygiene and energy efficiency.

At Egger Getränke, it was possible to implement the customer requirement with a zone concept. The different areas of production (wet area, dry area, syrup processing area) were each assigned air exchange rates which were coordinated according to the load conditions. The correct choice of reliable filters is also of crucial importance. In the respective production stages, the supply air is filtered in several stages to achieve the air quality which is required in each case.

We always ensure that we identify the very specific needs in each case.

airinotec Geschäftsführer Stefan Hummrich
Stefan Hummrich // Managing Director

“We always work closely with our customers to determine their specific requirements and to analyze the local conditions in detail. In the next step, we design systems that will last long into the future – and increase competitiveness, occupational safety and sustainability during the production.” (Stefan Hummrich, Managing Director, airinotec GmbH)

Customized perfection, right down to the smallest detail

At Egger Getränke’s bottling plant, it was initially necessary to ensure that the air quality and temperature were defined. In the bottling processes, the demand for hygiene is particularly high. Air contains germs and can be a source of contamination. It was therefore of crucial importance to plan the system in such a way that optimum indoor air quality was achieved, especially at points in which critical product processes were taking place. In the bottling hall, an overpressure maintenance system in relation to the adjacent rooms ensures that the air masses of the different areas remain separated. In production, the right choice of air ducting system is a decisive factor for ensuring indoor air quality and hygiene. In the case of Egger, airinotec relied on the principle of layered ventilation. In areas in which people mix, this leads to optimum production environment conditions in terms of climate and hygiene – and reduces the final energy requirement compared with conventional systems such as mixed ventilation.

Klima- und Lüftungstechnik für die Getränkeindustrie

A harmonious interplay between all system components

In addition to the selection of the most efficient air ducting system, it was also for other particularities to be taken into account: To meet the strict hygiene requirements in the bottling hall, the plant was designed in such a way that not only the plant itself is very easy to maintain and clean – the exhaust air ducts are also easily accessible for cleaning due to special design measures. As with all airinotec systems, the processes are supported by software platforms which guarantee safe system operations and a harmonious interplay between all system components. The energy efficiency of the systems can also be increased through functional modules. With targeted control based on actual demand, companies aren’t only able to improve their environmental footprint, they can also save on energy costs and achieve a rapid ROI on equipment upgrades.

Planning with vision

There is a good reason for the focus on the detail and the spirit of innovation: systems such as those at Egger Getränke should be planned with an eye to the future. They shouldn’t just correspond to the current state of the art, but also be designed so they are as forward-looking as possible. The project at Egger is a perfect example of such planning with vision: in addition to the necessary requirements, a system was installed there that brings far more than just customer benefits: it helps the company achieve its sustainability goals – and to save costs at the same time.

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