Measurements – Optimization – Energy optimization – System upgrades

We perform a variety of measurements, such as climate conditions in production, air and water quantities, sound, particles and oscillation in order to accurately determine the condition of systems and production environments.


To optimize means to improve; the requirements specifications here can vary tremendously. The important thing is to evaluate concepts using a comprehensive, integrated approach. Our experienced technicians and engineers come from a wide variety of specialist backgrounds, providing us with the expertise to optimize complex systems. 

  • Optimization of ventilation and air conditioning technology systems
  • Optimization of heating and cooling technology systems
  • Optimization of heat recovery systems
  • Hygiene technology optimization
  • Optimization of hydraulic systems such as cold and warm water systems
  • Increasing production output
  • Integration in security concepts
  • Integration in product data tracking systems
  • Software upgrades 

Energy optimization - reducing costs

Product costs are increasingly impacted by energy consumption and the related CO2 emissions. We offer plans for reducing your costs and we support environmental protection.

System upgrade - technology facelift

Older systems often continue to fulfil their purpose, but still need to be adapted to the changing conditions. 

  • Conversion and adaptation of systems to new machine design concepts
  • Replacement of air humidifiers with high-pressure or steam humidifiers
  • Refurbishment of air humidifiers in accordance with hygienic guidelines
  • Use of hygienic filter systems
  • Conversion and renewal of older controls and regulators such as pneumatic, electrical or Siemens S5 systems
  • Retrofitting for frequency converters