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In the field of industrial air conditioning manufacturing, having first class process technology expertise and experienced engineers is essential.

airinotec has both and focuses its strategy on providing customers with future-oriented and cost-efficient industry solutions driven by innovation.

In addition to air conditioning and process air systems for the food, tobacco, paper and textile industries, airinotec GmbH’s core competencies include innovative, energy-efficient automation solutions. Further solutions for industrial applications such as cooling tunnels and pallet cooling systems complete the airinotec GmbH range of products and services.

airinotec: industrial air solutions

airinotec GmbH, located in Bayreuth, Germany, is an internationally oriented engineering company in the field of industrial air conditioning and process air technology.

airinotec provides the ideal production and process climate through innovative concepts, modern automation solutions and intelligent services. The basis for our services is formed by our skilled and dedicated employees along with our constant willingness to change.

At airinotec, competent customer care and dependable service come first.