Excellence in energy saving

A holistic approach to energetic and economic efficiency!

The careful use of energy resources is a major challenge for the industrial sector. The focus is on heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, heating and cooling plants. Saving potentials of up to 50% can be achieved through optimisation and improvements in energy efficiency. While the perquisites for higher energy efficiency are usually created in the planning phase, there is still scope for efficiency improvements in existing facilities. With our track record in this field and our thorough know-how in energy, plant engineering and automation, airinotec engineers can offer the most energy-efficient solution for every application. This can lead to significantly lower energy costs and a reduction of CO2 emissions.
airinotec counts on products that were developed especially for industrial applications:

  • Air intake and extraction components for energy-efficient air routing
  • EnergyOpt energy optimisation system for complete processes, reduction of energy costs             Details on Energy Opt
  • EnergyOpt Fan/Pump ensure that electric power intake is always adjusted to current requirements and help to reduce electricity costs
  • EnergyOpt HX-Vario optimisation strategies in the HX-diagram achieve maximum energy saving with optimal production conditions
  • ChillerOpt control system for compound cooling systems to reduce electricity costs
  • Cool Master - CM automation for cooling tunnel / pallet cooling systems
  • EnergyPlantManager EPM for detailed monitoring of all energies in plants and efficient plant controlling