EnergyOpt Paper

Using knowledge of the manufacturing process, air and heating technology and integrating this knowledge in automation solutions, Energy Opt can help reduce your energy costs. In the process, we take into consideration the heat recovery systems on the paper machines, all consumption requirements such as those from hall ventilation systems, pumps and process water heating, as well as the steam heat exchangers in the overall system.

Only as much primary energy as needed

airinotec engineers analyze all aspects of the energy flow to offer you individual solutions for reducing primary energy costs for steam and electricity.

Expansion of EnergyOpt Paper: Online air balance for paper production

For increased efficiency, safety and sustainability


Expansion of EnergyOpt Paper: Online air balance for paper production

There are several facets to sustainability in the paper industry: On the one hand, paper products are an important substitute for plastics; on the other hand, these companies belong to one of the most energy-intensive industries. With the software-based solution EnergyOpt Paper from airinotec, the paper industry can operate more sustainably, more efficiently and under better working conditions. The tool has now been significantly expanded once again - and the first customers are already making use of it in its new format.

Air handling units are of great importance in the paper industry. It is therefore all the more astonishing that the control possibilities are only exploited to a limited extent. As a rule, the units are designed for the point of lowest pressure: Heat and steam are dissipated in such a way that the unit operates under the most difficult conditions. The systems are regulated once during commissioning and are either not controlled at all or are only set for summer/winter changeover. The result being: The infiltration of cold air can lead to condensation and mould formation. Thus, energy consumption is higher than necessary for both the air handling units as well as for the heat recovery systems.

This is where airinotec’s product comes in: With EnergyOpt Paper, paper producers can adapt their systems to the relevant conditions. The software solution can be integrated into existing or new process control systems and enables a quick return on investment at low investment costs. For one thing, the control options considerably reduce the energy costs and at the same time, the risk of mould formation is reduced and the production environment is made more hygienic. This offers companies in the paper industry the opportunity to advance their sustainability policy while simultaneously saving costs.


New version with important features

The EnergyOpt Paper expansion makes it possible to determine the air and water balance online. Such an analysis eliminates the original problem of having to take a snapshot. Normally the units are only measured in a specific operating mode on site. Thanks to additionally installed measurement sensors and the input from EnergyOpt Paper, it is now possible to collect considerably more information under a wide range of production conditions and climatic requirements. The software records the existing data, compiles measurement reports and calculates and evaluates the information. Using this as a basis, the air flows and the air balance are optimised. Since the system provides information concerning the condition of the units, the online analysis also increases operational reliability. Any deviations and malfunctions are detected at an early stage and can be remedied immediately.

The further development of EnergyOpt Paper has been extensively tested and is already in use at a leading international paper producer.